Cortez Family I Gilbert, Arizona

I love doing family portrait sessions because it's a joy to witness the relationships between the kids and parents. Hanging out with the Cortez family for their portrait session made me smile and giggle constantly; how can I not when Nela kept cracking jokes?

The sibling relationship between Anthony, Sydney, and Isla was cute to watch and capture. The weather (under 100 degrees!!!) and beautiful natural light were perfect and helped me to capture some awesome photos!

Sydney was initially camera shy but eventually opened up and is the sweetest girl ever! Also, isn't she gorgeous?

I've learned through hands on practice that toddlers require a little patience and when I allow them to just be, things eventually fall into place. It's the same for Isla - she ended up "befriending" me towards the end of the session and gave me some sweet smiles and poses.

Anthony is a handsome young gentleman (no bias at all because he's my nephew, ha!) and is a dream to photograph. That smile though...

Enjoy the photos from the Cortez family session and please feel free to contact me if you want to schedule your own family session.  I promise we'll have fun.  :)